Looking for a new car? Or need finance to fund a long-overdue project at home? We don’t think you should have to wait a lifetime to enjoy the good things in life, and personal finance solutions can be a great way to manage those larger purchases in a way that fits your budget, and gives you peace of mind.


We were very pleased by Goldenwater’s knowledge and their service. The application process was a breeze. We were well informed every step of the way. Thank you for your outstanding work.


Car Loan

Finding the car for you is one thing, buying it is another. It’s not just about finance, either. It can be a competitive market, so it’s important you have the right information up front: How much can you spend? What extra expenses do you need to factor in? What repayments are you comfortable with?

Not only can we help you finance your next car, we can make sure you are as prepared as you can be, including organising pre-approval of any finance you may need. That way, you can negotiate from a position of confidence and strength, and avoid the pain of Buyer’s Remorse.

Personal Finance

A personal loan can be an excellent tool to help you manage a larger purchase, or to consolidate smaller debts like credit cards into a single repayment. Used well, it can help you enjoy more, sooner.

At Goldenwater, we’re strong advocates for managing your finances responsibly, so you can enjoy life, and peace of mind. That’s why we listen to what you are passionate about and what you want to achieve, so we can help you make a well-informed decision on the best financial solutions to get you there.

Debt Reduction & Consolidation

Managed wisely, debt can help us grow, learn, explore and enjoy life much more. But despite our best intentions to pay down our debts quickly and stay on top ofour finances, life can throw us a curve ball and we can find ourselves struggling to get through the mire of repayments and expenses. It can be frustrating; it can be downright exhausting.

We get it.

It’s why we offer Debt Mediation as one of our services, where we can negotiate with creditors on your behalf to reduce your liabilities. Coupled with our specialised lending capabilities, we can help you find a solution that will give you back control of your finances and your life.


Our hand-picked lenders and service providers range from big-brand banks and well-established mortgage managers, to private lending institutions and the latest digital disruptors. In each case, we work closely with our providers in the single-minded pursuit of one goal: creating a tailored solution that supports the results our client wants.


If you’ve had enough of the financial run-around and you want to see real results that are based on your goals, then get in touch with us today. We’ll be with you all the way.