All finance is serious business, but business finance is next-level serious. “Secured” lending solutions for businesses are available for collateral assets — with finance secured against the asset. Whatever you’re considering purchasing, Goldenwater has the business acumen to help you make an informed choice, and the lending resources to help you finance it.


We thrive on challenge, and don’t shy away from cases that traditional financiers consider too complex or challenging — like new enterprises and start-ups. In particular, we have deep expertise the Management Letting Rights industry, and regularly help business owners identify and secure the right opportunities.
Management Rights

Goldenwater are one of only a few brokerage firms that specialise in management rights businesses. These are enterprises where the business owner manages a unit or villa complex, from day-to-day operations, through to rentals and sales. Management rights businesses are an excellent gateway for people that want to transition from a PAYG job to becoming a business owner. They offer a secure, fixed income, plus commissions, and provide a lifestyle element as well. They also offer flexibility, with the opportunity to grow the business, and even gain a full real estate license for selling property in the complex and elsewhere.

Despite these advantages, many lenders have a poor understanding of the industry, and sourcing finance can be a very difficult task.

Our expert team understands what each lender looks for when assessing applications for management rights businesses. We research the specifics of each case with their credit teams to make sure we select the most relevant lenders, and that we have all the information they will need to make their final decision. We also assess the risks of each scenario so we can help our clients develop mitigation plans; should a lender suddenly change their risk appetite, we have a Plan B ready to go.

Of the multitude of applications we’ve helped clients with, we have never not reached settlement because of an inaccurate assessment on our part.

On top of our expertise in sourcing finance for management rights businesses, we can also help you assess the business’s viability as a going concern before you make an offer.

If you’re considering purchasing a management rights business, talking to the expert team at Goldenwater will give you your best chance at success.

Commercial Properties

Commercial property can be a great investment if selected well and managed astutely.

You may want to invest in a tenanted building, or have your own business premises as an owner-occupier.Lenders range from the “Big 4” banks (Westpac, Commonwealth Bank Australia, National Australia Bank, and ANZ) through to private firms, depending on your situation.

Typically, applying for finance through traditional lenders can be a time-consuming and difficult process, with the borrower having to provide business figures and other information. However, some private lenders only ask for a property valuation, and can release funds quicker.

At Goldenwater, we have an in-depth understanding of commercial property as an investment. Working with specialised lenders, we help our clients identify the right opportunities and find the right solutions that will help them hit their investment targets.

Assets and Equipment

Is your business bustling, but your ageing equipment struggling to keep pace?

Ready to take your next product to market, but you need the machinery to match?

Asset and equipment finance may be the answer. It offers you flexibility and adaptability, and the right equipment can help boost efficiency and productivity, generating better returns in the process.

Goldenwater’s business experts can help you analyse your productivity, identifying trends that indicate if and when it’s time to upgrade or up-size your current assets — things like motor vehicles, boats, machinery and other more specialised equipment—and plot a path to moving your business forward.

At Goldenwater, we can help you identify the best strategy for your business, then find a specialist lender to fit.


Our hand-picked lenders and service providers range from big-brand banks and well-established mortgage managers, to private lending institutions and the latest digital disruptors. In each case, we work closely with our providers in the single-minded pursuit of one goal: creating a tailored solution that supports the results our client wants.


If you’ve had enough of the financial run-around and you want to see real results that are based on your goals, then get in touch with us today. We’ll be with you all the way.