We want to help our clients create lives they love through financial control and empowerment. Only after we’ve listened to what our clients are trying to achieve, and understood their unique set of circumstances do we start devising bespoke solutions for them. We offer more than ordinary financial services, because our clients want more than ordinary financial service. At Goldenwater, we strive for one cause: Yours.

Is it time to take the leap into your own business, or propel the one you’ve got to the next level? Our breadth of business expertise can help you put any potential purchase through its paces, and manage its growth into the future.

Whether it’s your first home, your first investment property, or the next purchase in your growing empire, we’ll help you navigate markets, rates, grant and finance applications, budgeting, insurance — we can even help you set up your utilities accounts.

Goldenwater’s Capital division helps businesses manage their growth effectively and matches them with the right funding to take advantage of prime opportunities.

Get on top of your finances, and stay there with Goldenwater’s exclusive workshops and training programs. We hold regular seminar events for our individual and business clients on key topics. Or ask about our formal mentoring programs for business owners and finance brokers.

Wisdom is the power to put our time and knowledge to the proper use.

Tho. J. Watson

1st Place IN QLD for CPA Taxation Law Exam


Jason Fu

Founder and Head of Staffing & Operations, Goldenwater Finance Group.

I’m a CPA with an MBA, and I’m a licensed finance broker but with a difference. Combined with my corporate and government experience, I’m the Solutions Expert your business needs.

2018 Finalists Commercial Broker of the Year


Penny Huyan

Founder and Head of Business Lending, Goldenwater Finance Group.

I have a formidable background in business and finance, in Australia, and in China. I started Goldenwater so I could express the fullest of my expertise for my clients’ benefit.


If you’ve had enough of the financial run-around and you want to see real results that are based on your goals, then get in touch with us today. We’ll be with you all the way.