At the core of Goldenwater’s ethos is Authenticity. Our firmexists to help people unlock their financial and business potential, and we are committed to playing the long game with them, and for them. And we walk this talk by working alongside our clients, guiding and mentoring them across complex financial terrain toward their end goals.
We know you won’t always need or want to become an expert in all things finance, but yourconfidence will grow, along with yourendeavours, in the knowledge that you have an expert team on your side.
Real gold does not fear the furnace.

Chinese proverb

Value-adding values

Our values drive everything we do; every decision we make. At Goldenwater, we hold four core values dear, and believe they are fundamental to giving our clients the best care, and the best service. The best of ourselves.



We believe in a life well lived—a life with a unique and personal insights built from experience. Money is simply a tool to help you achieve that success—whatever thatmay look or feel like to you.



We work to understand you as an individual so we can crafta solution that ideally suits your goals and your circumstances. We deeply admire those who want to improve their financial situation, regardless of where they’vecome from, where theystarted, and what theyhave or have not.



We believe the maxim “Knowledge is power” is just the beginning. We provide true insights into every element and make sure you understand everything you need at eachstage of our journey together, from beginning to end, and even beyond.



We are here to help you succeed, and that means helping you through fair times and foul. It’s only from a place of honesty that we can create a path forward for your prosperity. It’s part of our moral character at Goldenwater. It’s how we do business and how we do life.

Jason Fu

Founderand Head of Staffing & Operations, Goldenwater Finance Group.

I’m a CPA with an MBA, and I’m a licensed finance broker but with a difference. Combined with my corporate and government experience, I’m the Solutions Expert your business needs.

Penny Huyan

Founder and Head of Business Lending, Goldenwater Finance Group.

I have a formidable background in business and finance, in Australia, and in China. I started Goldenwater so I could express the fullest of my expertise for my clients’ benefit.

Eric Dong

Founder and Head of Residential Lending, Goldenwater Finance Group

As a ‘serial entrepreneur’, I’ve been setting up and running successful businesses for over a decade. Now, I’m helping others navigate the challenges of securing finance in ‘non-standard’ scenarios.

Evon Liew

Client Support Manager, Goldenwater Finance Group

As a client service expert, I consider myself a ‘connector’—making sure consultants and clients have the continuity of support they need to create winning solutions.